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Can you really bag a meth-house bargain - 4th Oct 2017

Can you really bag a meth-house bargain The NZ Drug Foundation and an expert from Massey University have this week come out and said that many meth-contaminated houses pose no risk to your health if you just scrub down the walls with good detergent.

To this end, they say there are bargains to be had in the house market if you’re prepared to go ahead and buy a property, even if it has come back with a positive meth result.
The soon to be new legal standard which will deem a house ‘contaminated’ will be 1.5 micrograms per 100 cm squared (increased from 0.5 micrograms).

Massey Universities Nick Kim says at 1.5 the Meth level is so low the work ‘contaminated’ cannot even be rightly used. "To regulators that's a sense of comfort, I suppose, because they say we're pretty happy that down at this 1.5 level the chances of any effect are so low they're negligible, or unquantifiable. The risk is neither appreciable nor quantifiable, I'd say.

Read full article here - https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/homed/houses/97543156/can-you-really-bag-a-methhouse-bargain

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