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Guidelines on Meth Contamination 'Needed Now' - 15th Aug 2016

Guidelines being developed by Standards New Zealand on methamphetamine contamination in houses are expected to be ready early next year. Auckland District Law Society vice president Joanna Pidgeon says that despite a lack of understanding around the issue, many houses - particularly rental homes - are being tested for methamphetamine before sales go through. The guidelines being used at the moment however are designed to help clean homes that have been used as meth labs, instead they are being used to assess houses where the drug might have been smoked.

Ms Pidgeon said that levels being found are so low that they do not pose a risk to inhabitants and yet people are being told that they cannot live in the houses because of it. Methods used for testing vary between testers and it is thought that some testers have a hidden agenda if they also offer services to clean up the houses. There also seems to be variation in decisions being made by the Tenancy Tribunal.

Read the full article: http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/310963/meth-contamination-guidelines-'needed-now'

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